The not so small - small print

These are our Terms and Conditions.

Placing an order
Check your order carefully on screen before submitting it. We are not liable for errors made by you in identifying your items etc. If in doubt, contact us on 0191 490 1997.
When we receive your order we will send you a confirmation email. The details of your order will be contained in this email.
Your confirmation email will have an order number on. Please have this number to hand if you need to contact us.

Payment is taken at the time of order using Stripe a modern and secure payment gateway that is fully PCI compliant.

If you wish to cancel your order you must do so by email at no later than 5pm on the day prior to scheduled collection.
We may cancel your order if the items you send to us do not match the description or have no care label. In this instance we will attempt to contact you on the contact telephone number you have provided to discuss the best course of action.
We may cancel your order due to circumstances beyond our control.

Collections and Returns
Accurate contact and collection details must be provided to enable us to contact you by telephone and email in case the need arises. We must also be provided with accurate information about how to locate you.
If you choose to ask a third party to deal with your collection or return then they must sign on your behalf and accept responsibility for your items while they are in their possession.
Please be available at the scheduled collection and delivery time or instruct us to leave it safe somewhere.  If we leave somewhere at your instruction then once delivery has taken place we are no longer responsible.  Our vehicles are tracked, if you are not available and we are instructed to leave the items, the time our vehicle leaves your address / location will be the delivery completed.

Failing to be present for a scheduled return may incur an additional charge of £5 and a further additional charge of £5 for each subsequent attempt.
In the event of your failure to be present to accept returned goods for a period of 100 days from the date of order confirmation, we may dispose of your goods.

Circumstances beyond our control
We will do all we can to collect and return your garments at the arranged time but will not be liable for any failure or delay caused by circumstances beyond our control. Examples of circumstances beyond our control that might affect collections and returns are road closures, road traffic accidents, weather which affects driving conditions.
In this situation you will be contacted and a further collection or return will be scheduled at no cost to you.

Your Preparations.
It is your responsibility to ensure all tissues, coins, pens etc are removed from items before sending them to us. We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to items or their contents, if they have not been removed.
If you know what has caused a particular stain, let us know.

All services will be carried out with due skill care and attention. We operate in accordance with industry best practice.
Not all stains are capable of removal. This is not a valid indication that the process has not been carried out correctly.

Some fabrics will depreciate and alter having gone through a cleaning process. This is not a valid indication that the process has not been carried out correctly. We cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in fabrics which may result in tears or small holes in fabric that are not readily apparent prior to processing. We cannot guarantee against colour loss, colour bleeding, and shrinkage; or against damage to buttons, beads, ties or zips.

We do our absolute best to ensure your garments are well looked after and respected, even so sometimes things go wrong and its our fault, we will do our best to resolve the situation quickly.  The resolution may be limited to just re-cleaning or some other process related step that we can put right quickly and without fuss.  If we in the are in unfortunate position to have damaged the item or lost it then we will follow the standard industry practice of valuing the item based on its age and expected useful life.  There are tables provided by the Textile services Association which assist us in this to produce a fair outcome.

High Value items – If you send any items in over £350 then we would want to notified that it is a high value item, if we are not notified then its value is capped at £350 and in the even of an incident with the item the calculation of age and condition would then produce a percentage of that valuation as compensation.

If you are unhappy with your cleaning then you must contact us by email at within 24 hours of return.

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