Shirts are either returned on hangers or folded, it costs more to fold as it requires additional time and its a bit of a faff – 8 stages to folding a shirt, see the image at the bottom.

A plain blouse is one you would wear to the office in conjunction with a suit or business attire

A dress shirt is one that would be be worn with a dinner suit and has additional detailing on the front panels, dress shirts aren’t available as part of a 5 for £10 offer.

On Hangers

Shirt or plain blouse – Single             £2.20

Shirt or plain blouse in 5’s               £10.00

Dress Shirt each                                  £2.70



Shirt or plain blouse – single             £2.70

Shirt or plain blouse in 5’s               £12.50

Dress Shirt each                                  £3.20

We have a limited range of items at a great price.  The range is limited because we offer great value and a reliable service to a specific market, busy time poor individuals or couples who want to look great at the office.

Suit (Trousers)      £10.00

Suit (Skirt)              £10.00

Suit (Dress)            £11.50

Trousers                   £5.00

Plain Skirt                 £5.00

Jacket                        £5.00

Day Dress                £6.50

Tie                             £3.00

A plain skirt is either no pleat or one pleat, a day dress is what you would wear to the office as part of a suit or by itself.

If any item contains silk or linen then we reserve the right to charge an additional amount for that item (20% extra).

We don’t contract out our dry-cleaning, we do it all in house.

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