Who are Instashirts

We are a established laundry and dry cleaning business with a passion for shirts.  We have some great equipment and dedicated staff to make your shirts and dry cleaning look amazing.

What do we do

We specialise in the laundering of shirts and a limited range of dry cleanable items, all with collection and delivery for free in the immediate Newcastle and Gateshead area.

We launder and press shirts

We dry clean Suits, Trousers, Skirts, Jackets, Day dresses.

Fantastic prices, convenient service.

Order now

Why shirts and limited dry cleaning

The service is designed for time poor office and home based professionals who want to book the service and move on to the next task.  No fuss, no hassle.

If you want a slightly different service with more options such as Evening Wear, Wedding Dresses, Curtains, Leathers, Bulk Laundry etc – we can do it but you have to go to www.thelaundryco.com or click on the button below

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